covenant and gloom

from by Branches

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I separate myself from humanistic sentiment
Nothing; I am nothing but a realist
Tired flames forsake the ones who kindle lust

Gaze into the abyss, and the abyss gazes back
God; I am god
Does he hide, or is he just afraid of us?

I can't go on; I will go on

Life can be fragile when you're a virus clinging to mud,
Suspended in emptiness
I am surrounded by unknown objects; man without ears
Suspecting vibrations

Life is fragile.


Brain disinfected by vaccination
Spawn are neglected in their starvation
Snuff film culture within the congress
Dying vultures delay their conquests

Loose ends debase the tourniquet
Cobwebs surrounding etiquette
Bedlam in lieu of silence
Perspective beyond the violence

Wolves prey on elk, elk flee on impulse
Likewise, mankind consumes everything that moves
Cult Chiefs composing haikus on a camel's back
Shell shocked sharp shooter crawling to her grave

Likewise (undeniable, diabolical, individual)

Alpha male wolverines are a product of the quarantined limousines; cog in the war machine

Monoliths shape shift from the continental drift

These dreams go on when I close my eyes

Suffragettes scratching at the window while the beast is looking outside from the inside

No more dead kin, no more pigs slaughtered
No more king pins, no more lost daughters
If you feel light, don't lose your traction
Less action, more talk. Less talking, more action.


from birth., released September 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Branches Atlanta, Georgia

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